Cell Phone Repair MisconceptionsThere is a lot of wrong information about cell phone and tablet repair on the internet. However, people still need to repair their phone when there is a defect. Not everyone can afford to buy a new device when it needs repair. Fortunately, there are expert professionals like Rob the Phone Doctor who can fix your equipment.

Conversely, people may have misconceptions about cell phone or tablet repairs. So, let’s explore the common misunderstandings and why they shouldn’t sway you from making use of a repair shop.

Only manufacturers should service cell phones or tablets

If your cell phone or tablet is within the warranty period that covers any faults, the manufacturer can repair it. However, this will take time and a lot of patience – especially if you are very reliant on your phone (as most people today are). On the other hand, if it is not within its warranty period, a cell phone or tablet repairer is your best option. And keep in mind, cell phone and tablet warranties can sometimes be misleading.

Conversely, most cell phone or tablet defects are due to misuse, incorrect operation conditions or damages – not covered by the warranty. Manufacturers have processes that identify repairs outside the warranty. Why go through this stress when you can have Rob the Phone Doctor fix your phone within a short time frame.

Cell Phone RepairMy phone is beyond repair

Phone repair experts study phone or tablet and how it functions. Believe it or not, for a competent professional, nearly any fault or defect is fixable. Obviously, it may take some time and patience for the completion of the repair. But in many cases repairs can be completed in mere minutes.

A cell phone or tablet which may be considered dead or “bricked” (essentially means a device has turned into a brick) by the user; even in these cases they can often be repaired by a professional. Even a cracked screen can be repaired in many cases. And, sometimes, your cell phone or tablet might just require a firmware or recovery flash to get it up and running again.

It is not affordable

Not true. The services offered by Rob the phone doctor are affordable. Everything is on a case by case basis, and many times you might be surprised just how affordable repair can be. There may also be various options you may have as a customer as to the extent of the repair. This is why it is smart to contact Rob the Phone Doctor and get a free estimate.

Cell Phone Repair“I can fix my own phone”

Presently, mobile devices can be particularly tricky to repair. Sometimes opening your phone can be difficult and requires the expertise of a professional. Also, a lot of replacement parts and repair kits are of low quality. If you use the service of a repair technician like Rob the Phone Doctor, your cell phone or tablet is fixed using genuine parts and kits.