Cell Phone Screen ProtectorYou probably already know what smartphone screen protectors are.  You either have one on your phone now or have seen them in retail stores, your phone carrier, or maybe even a cell phone repair store.  These screen protectors are great to have and can save you a lot of trouble.  For example, if you happen to drop you phone on a hard surface, the protector can often prevent your cell phone screen from cracking.

Types of Smartphone Screen Protectors

There are basically two main types of “screen protectors” you can purchase.  There are plastic screen protectors and tempered glass screen protectors.  In many cases, the tempered glass version is recommended by cell phone repair technicians over the plastic version.  This is due to the extra benefits it has when you install it.

Tempered glass screen protectors are more durable than plastic and have the same feel as your actual smartphone screen.  They are also more scratch resistant than the plastic version and for this reason are a very popular choice.

Smart Phone Screen ProtectorPlastic screen protectors are less expensive than tempered glass and good if you are budget-minded.  However, a little extra expense can save you the expense of phone replacement or repair in the future in case you drop your phone.  This is where a small added investment can save you headaches and dollars in the future.

A third type (if you aren’t sold on these first two) is the liquid screen protector.  Not many people know that glass is in fact a porous material.  So, by filling in these tiny holes with liquid glass (mostly made of silicon dioxide), you can essentially create a stronger surface.  This added strength helps to prevent scratches and cracks.  However, even the best of these products can still allow damage to your screen.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Installation

The best option to prevent scratches and cracks to your smartphone screen is tempered glass.  It is more of an investment but will provide better protection over the long run.  You can even get warranty protection in most cases.  There are various types and manufacturers to choose from, so it is always best to seek help from a professional.  Rob the Phone Doctor can help answer any questions you may have.

Cell Phone Screen ProtectorTo install the tempered glass, you need to make sure you follow some basic guidelines.  Make sure the screen is clean (using eyeglass cleaner or rubbing alcohol) and dry it with a microfiber cloth.  Ensure that there are no particles on the screen and be sure to hold your phone on its sides so you don’t get fingerprints.

After you remove the screen protector packaging, line up the screen appropriately being mindful of the camera and microphone openings. Peel back the adhesive backing and place the tempered glass on the phone very carefully.  Remove any air bubbles by using the tool included (or the edge of a credit card).  Press the bubbles away from the center and out to the sides of the protector.

If you are hesitant to do it yourself, Rob the Phone Doctor can help!  Not only does he provide expert installation, but he also carries a wide variety of screen protectors.  He will fit your phone with the perfect protector and have it installed in minutes.