Cell phone batteries are much better than they used to be. Technology has come a long way in this area and has allowed for much longer battery life for smartphones nowadays. However, even with technology, there are certain things you can do to fully optimize your cell phone battery operation.

Today’s phones have so many features that they can become confusing. There are certain things we know that tend to drain our battery faster such as GPS, WIFI, and video streaming. But in addition to these, the Android offers settings that the iPhone does not that allows for the fine-tuning of battery settings.

Charge SmartPhoneChecking the Battery

In the settings option of the Android, navigate to the “Battery” option. This will give you a list of all the apps and just how much each is using the battery. If it seems that an app is not necessary or is using a lot of battery, you can delete it to save on your battery use. To do this, just scroll to the “Apps” in settings and delete the ones you don’t want to keep on your phone.

Tips to Save Your Battery

  • Turn off notifications – Go to “Apps” in settings for each one that does not need an instant notification and turn the setting off.
  • Remove Unneeded Widgets – Having too many apps listed on your home screen is unnecessary. Simply press and hold on the app you want to remove and drag it to the “Discard” area.
  • Stop location tracking – Many apps are set to track your location by default. Make sure to check each app’s setting to ensure that this feature is turned off. The only possible downside of this is that ads might not be geo-targeted properly.
  • Use manual app syncing – Instead of allowing all apps to be set to automatically sync, use the manual setting. This way you won’t have unnecessary operations occurring which might drain the battery.
  • Cut down on calls in the car – Studies show that when a phone is moving and being used at the same time, it is constantly searching for and adjusting to cell tower signals. This causes extra drainage on the battery.
  • Stop unused connections – When your cell phone is constantly scanning for GPS and WIFI signals, it uses extra battery. When you aren’t using these features, turn then off to save battery power.
  • Power Control Widget – This is a great widget that comes preinstalled on most Androids. You can adjust screen brightness and other features to optimize battery usage.
  • Darker Backgrounds – Setting your screen display can have a big impact on battery usage. A darker background uses less energy.
  • Less Brightness – Be sure to adjust your screen brightness levels down to a level that is comfortable but not too bright.
  • Screen Timeout – You can set your screen to go into a power-saver mode after a number of minutes. Go to the “Display” option under Settings to do this.
  • No vibrating – Setting your phone vibrate feature to the off position uses less power.

Charging a Cell PhoneFinally, this one trick or procedure beats all other tips and tricks combined. Use only OEM chargers. The main reason for this is because the higher-quality manufacturer chargers have sensors in them knowing when the battery is fully charged. The chargers will then stop charging when the battery becomes full. The aftermarket chargers, no matter where you get them, will not stop charging the battery when the battery becomes full. This reduces the life expectancy of the battery and ends up ruining it up to five times faster.

Hopefully you will use some of these tips to save the battery life of your phone. Just a few easy steps could give you a lot longer use between charges of your Android. If you have any questions, never hesitate to give us a call – 239-910-0100