Why Won’t My iPhone Charge?

iPhones are some of the best phones on the market with the highest technology that was developed to be reliable and efficient. However, the more specialized something becomes the more complicated it can get. Various devices are likely to fail in some ways over others because of day to day wear and tear here in Fort Myers FL.

It can be frustrating when your iPhone will not charge. We use our iPhones everyday. So when your phone won’t charge this can be very stressful.

There are several reasons that your phone may not be charging. Here are some of the most common ones.

1) Charge Port is Dirty

Over time little slots and spots collect oils, dust, dirt and debris. This may prevent some ports from connecting properly and therefore solid connections are not established. This is especially common with people that work in open or dusty areas. In some cases it is recommended to keep your phone in a dust proof location or case. There have even been occasions that there were foreign objects in the way of the port such as a tiny piece of plastic or wood. This can be fixed by cleaning out the dust. However, it is important to have the cleaning done by a professional to prevent extra damage. Rob The Phone Doctor in Fort Myers FL can clean your iPhone professionally.

2) Chemical Contact

Your phone is pretty much always where you are. It may have had various house cleaners spilled on it. It may have been exposed to chemical spray or dust. Most chemicals have at least some reaction to metal. Those reactions can weaken connections within ports, or can damage the tiny wires. Especially if your phone were to be accidentally dropped into a pool of chemicals. Even if it was pulled out of the liquid extremely quickly, the damage may still have been done.

3)Good Things to Check

Your  USB cable at the base of the connection to the iphone can be worn out. Once the protective covering on the cable is worn through the cable inside wears out even more quickly. Check on your USB cable first to make sure its not damaged.

Sometimes the connection between the USB cable and iphone or the wall and USB cable is not established. Check over these connections. Unplug and replug them to make sure the connections are solid.

Restart your iPhone. This may seem silly but it works in many cases!

It is important to protect your phone from unnecessary dust, dirt, chemicals, drops, and falling. If you have checked over all your connections and are still having charging issues, contact Rob The Phone Doctor in Fort Myers FL to have your iPhone professionally repaired.