In the smartphone age, you can be sure that there are many dangers that lurk. Parental Control Apps are a way to outwit the various problems that can arise and face our children today. These apps for smartphones allow parents to see whom their kids are communicating, track their location, and block access to unwanted websites. Many of these applications even help educate the children on why these controls are important and the risks associated with cell phone use.

Cell Phone Parental Control AppsThere is a wide variety of apps available that provide parental controls. Tests and reviews are done all the time, so you can get a lot of information just by doing a little online research. We take a look at the information available and sum it up based on the following features.


One of the most important things offered by Parental Control Apps is the ability to monitor communications. A very effective app for this is called Qustodio. This application allows the parents to monitor chat activity and also text and email messages. It does this without jail-breaking or rooting, so the device is kept secure and the warranties stay in place.

The Qustodio monitors several things on a cell phone. These include images sent or downloaded, new contacts saved, and photos and videos taken by the child. These and other activities are compiled into a report which summarizes and also gives detailed information on each activity. It works invisibly on the child’s device and also allows the ability to remotely lock the phone.


A popular app used today for blocking purposes is Net Nanny. This application does many things related to your kid’s internet browsing. It has many tools that allow the blocking of apps and websites. The software makes it easy to limit access using special filters. You can block certain categories such as adult content and pornography sites and a host of others that you can specify.

The program also includes the ability to “whitelist” certain sites and programs that are acceptable for the child to visit. Finally, there is a feature that allows the parent to block certain phone numbers from being called or received. Many parents find the features of Net Nanny the best on the market.


Keeping tabs on a child’s whereabouts is something that many parents like to do. They get worried when they don’t know they are and feel better when they do. There are many options to go with regarding this and a lot of information is available.

Parental Control AppsPossibly the best rated phone tracker app is mSpy. This application has been consistently at the top of the ratings mostly because of its functionality. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android and offers other features besides location tracking.

Life360 is an Editor’s Choice on Google Play and has received the best reviews for keeping track of your family members’ location. This is the best option when you are looking for a free app that provides excellent features for tracking.

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