Cell phones are great. They have grown in versatility over the years and now do some amazing things. One of the major trends is in the use of Voice Assistants. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and in they all strive to make life a little easier.

Voice AssistantThe current primary category of devices is comprised of what are known as “smart speakers” such as Google Home lineups and Amazon Echo. However, there is a larger market that is expected to grow at an even greater rate. This is where smartphones and advances in technology come in.

No matter what evolves out of the expansion of Voice Assistants in the marketplace, our cell phones will always be at our sides. This is why further development is now including the integration of other devices to stay in sync with each other.

A Growing Market

We already know that “Google Assistant” is supported by over 1 billion products around the world. According to Juniper Research, there were about 2.5 billion digital voice assistants at the end of 2018. This number is forecasted to grow to 8 billion by the end of 2023 in less than 5 years. This represents more than a tripling of the current number.

Voice AssistantsSmartphones are the largest market thanks in large part to Siri and Google Assistant. This segment of the market is expected to remain the leader for many years to come. This estimate is given despite the growth in use of Voice Assistants for TVs, smartwatches and speakers.

Good News for the Big Three

All this advancement in technology and the development of more effective and accurate Voice Assistants is having a large effect. This is good news for Google and Apple, but also for Amazon. In fact, Amazon is set to potentially grow faster than all the others due is massive base of regular users and customers.

With the advent of Alexa, we are seeing a unique combination of market competition. As the popularity continues to grow and ease of use continues to improve, a wide variety of product offerings is becoming available. However, this is expected to be challenged by the integration and improvement of the voice recognition technology in smartphones.

Watch Out for Shady AppsMulti-Platform Assistants

Looking ahead even further into the future, the Juniper Research revealed a trend toward a broader mix of uses for Voice Assistants. We are expected to see a decline in stand-alone smartphone and tablet apps and a movement toward multiple platform uses. This research is instigating further development of more diverse applications for cell phones.

Over time, we can expect even more amazing things regarding our smartphones and voice recognition technology. As our TVs and other devices get smarter, so do our phones. With these improvements will come even more and more feature that will make our lives easier.