Cleaning Your Cell Phone – Inside and Out

It’s not spring cleaning time yet, but it can always be a good time to clean your cell phone. When a cell phone gets dirty, it does not function to its potential. A good example of this is when the touch screen gets smudges or dust on it. So ask yourself how long it has [...]

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Cell Phone Repair Misconceptions

There is a lot of wrong information about cell phone and tablet repair on the internet. However, people still need to repair their phone when there is a defect. Not everyone can afford to buy a new device when it needs repair. Fortunately, there are expert professionals like Rob the Phone Doctor who can fix [...]

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Cell Phone Screen Protectors

You probably already know what smartphone screen protectors are.  You either have one on your phone now or have seen them in retail stores, your phone carrier, or maybe even a cell phone repair store.  These screen protectors are great to have and can save you a lot of trouble.  For example, if you happen [...]

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Great Weather Apps for Your Cell Phone

One thing in life that always seems unpredictable is the weather.  Oftentimes we get caught in the rain by surprise because we failed to plan for that event.  Luckily, there is a solution to the problem and you can carry it with you wherever you go – the weather app for your phone.  This handy [...]

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The Importance of Cell Phones

Cell phones have grown to be a necessity for lots of people throughout the world. The ability to connect with family, business associates, and having access to email are merely a few of the reasons for the growing importance of cell phones. Today's technically advanced cell phones can handle not only phone calls, but storing [...]

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Watch Out for Shady Apps with Free Trials

Google does a lot to help protect us from a lot of things on the web. They have removed many shady apps that charge consumers huge amounts if they don't cancel a free trial in time. In these cases, the users just uninstall the app or permit it to lapse. Security experts have found apps [...]

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Repair or Replace a Tablet?

Whenever accidental damage and software problems make your tablet unusable, it may be incredibly inconvenient. Not only does a damaged tablet make it difficult to get work done, it may also make it hard to stream your favorite TV show, answer emails, use the internet, and look at social media. But simply because your device [...]

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What to Look for When Buying a New Cell Phone

It may be stressful purchasing a new cell phone, especially as prices ascend beyond $1,000. You do not necessarily have to invest that much money. You need to simply know what to consider before you are making a purchase. Here's what you should pay attention to. Display If you are like most of us, you [...]

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Americans and Their Cell Phones

Cell phones have grown to be a great tool for seeking information and communicating: 83% of adult Americans own some type of mobile phone. These devices have an affect on many facets of their owners' everyday life. In the telephone survey carried out for a whole month in 2011 among a un-biased sample of Americans, [...]

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Welcome to Our New Website

In keeping up with the times and technology, Rob the Phone Doctor has moved to a faster and more efficient website. This new site boasts numerous advantages over the previous one. All sections of the site have been redesigned to be more user friendly. The theme is also more modern and contemporary in order to [...]

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