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An Historical Look at Cell Phones

In the beginning, there was the “car phone”. This was because the unit was so big it needed to be installed in space inside your vehicle. There was no way to put it in your pocket in those days because technology had still not advanced to that level yet. Then, in 1983, the Motorola Company [...]

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Parental Control Apps

In the smartphone age, you can be sure that there are many dangers that lurk. Parental Control Apps are a way to outwit the various problems that can arise and face our children today. These apps for smartphones allow parents to see whom their kids are communicating, track their location, and block access to unwanted [...]

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Benefits of a Cell Phone Case

The cover for your cell phone is very important. These covers provide an additional layer of protection. So, you have a large variety of covers that are different sizes, colors, and brands. No matter who makes them they will assure you that theirs is the best you can buy. A lot of consumers get confused [...]

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Do You Need a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

There are certainly times where you have connected your cell phone to an unsecured WIFI. This may have been in a restaurant, library, airport, or other public place. The problem with this is that your connection is not private. These WIFIs are susceptible to hackers who can often view your activity from a nearby location. [...]

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Cell Phone Repair – Your Best Option?

Cell phones have really developed over the years. They have gone from being simply communication tools to a hot fad of the current generation. Everyone, regardless of age or financial standing either owns a cell phone or wants one. With the rapid development in technology, the cell phone is becoming a replacement for the computer. [...]

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Cleaning Your Cell Phone – Inside and Out

It’s not spring cleaning time yet, but it can always be a good time to clean your cell phone. When a cell phone gets dirty, it does not function to its potential. A good example of this is when the touch screen gets smudges or dust on it. So ask yourself how long it has [...]

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Cell Phone Repair Misconceptions

There is a lot of wrong information about cell phone and tablet repair on the internet. However, people still need to repair their phone when there is a defect. Not everyone can afford to buy a new device when it needs repair. Fortunately, there are expert professionals like Rob the Phone Doctor who can fix [...]

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Cell Phone Screen Protectors

You probably already know what smartphone screen protectors are.  You either have one on your phone now or have seen them in retail stores, your phone carrier, or maybe even a cell phone repair store.  These screen protectors are great to have and can save you a lot of trouble.  For example, if you happen [...]

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